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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  January 13, 2014 2:00am-3:01am PST

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>> good morning to you you are watching "fox & friends first". i am ainsley earhardt. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your week with us. a fox news alert. scary moments for 124 passengers when their plane lands at the wrong airport. almost careens off of a cliff. the southwest flight is from chicago. it was supposed to stop in branson, missouri. but instead touched down at an airport seven miles away with a runway half its size. one passenger said the pilot hit the brakes so hard he could smell the burned rubber. right now it is unclear if the pilot or dispatcher directed the flight to the wrong airport. this isn't the first time something like this has happened. you will recall in november a boeing dreamliner landed at the wrong airport in kansas.
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a much smaller airport. the runway too short for the jumbo jet to take off leaving it stuck there for a day before it was able to take off. a plane packed with passengers flies off an icy runway in maine. a delta flight from new york city to manger international skidded off on the grass while trying to turn toward the terminal on saturday. there were 50 people on board no one injured. rescue vehicles had a hard time reaching the plane because of the icy runway. after about an hour it was towed back to the terminal. a 6.5 magnitude earthquake striking off the northern coast of puerto rico this morning. it was 60 miles and was 17 miles deep. it was felt through out the island and parts of the dominican republic as well. a tsunami warning has not been issued. >> frustration mounting as 300,000 people in west virginia
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wait for a ban on tap water to be lifted following the massive chemical spill near charleston. >> we are losing business every single day, us not being able to sell it. right now those things are really hard to deal with right now. >> we are doing the west we can. we are using baby wipes and a little bit of water. >> they haven't been able to drink their water or bathe in it since the smil. tests on water quality are improving. lack of strict regulations are being blamed. they knew the company was storing it near a chemical plant. they aren't required to undergo inspection. if you would like to help people affected an on-line fundraiser has been set up go fund or you can search for water for
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west virginia. former defense secretary robert gates speaking publically for the first time about claims made in his memoir. he criticized president obama saying he lacked passion and conviction over the afghan war strategy. peter gates didn't hold back, did he? >> no, heather. you know, for the last few days democrats and republicans have been digesting these juicy bits of the former defense secretary's new memoir. he said this weekend he didn't enjoy his time as secretary because what's polite about sending young americans into harm's way but president obama didn't have the heart to convince troops their sacrifice was important and vice president joe biden wasn't much help either. >> where i have a particular problem with the vice president was in his encouragement of
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suspicion of the military and the senior military with the president. you can't trust these guys. they are going to try to jam you, they are going to try to fox you in. that disturbed me a lot. >> this weekend democrats and republicans seemed to agree that former secretary gates could have waited to unveil the criticism of president obama until he leave office. now democrats are accusing gates of misrepresenting his view of the president. >> in his book he gives high praise to president obama in making divisive decisions. just about every decision he makes gates agrees with. >> the memoir goes on sale tomorrow. peter doocy live for us in washington. thank you. hollywood kicking off award season with the golden globes. this year the show promised lots of laughs from host tina fey and
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amy polar. did they deliver? we have the best moments and big winners. they we >> they were doing the hustle all night in hollywood. >> and the golden globe goes to "american hustle." >> it stars amy adams and jennifer lawrence who also won for their roles in the film. the biggest was "12 years as a play" and in television "breaking bad" finally made good. they won their first golden globe. it's star also won for best actor. former "saturday night live" alum tina fey and amy polar shined. >> it is nominated for best film starring how george clooney
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would rather float away in space and die rather than spend one more moment with a woman his own age. >> and one of the most pizza czar mo bizarre moments an ak stress tod stood on stage for several minutes before accepting her own award. midway through her speech the producers tried to play her off but she kept on rambling. taylor swift, reese witherspoon were some of the best dressed while sandra bullock julia roberts andrew barry more they made the worst dressed list. the golden globes admit the academy awards are coming out saturday. >> drew barrymore give her a break, she is pregnant. >> i thought that was a really pretty dress.
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>> thanks so much mary ann. happy monday. new fallout over lane closures on the george washington bridge. peanuts could be ser >> christie's top staff ledge i had allegedly forced a traffic jam as political pay back. now they are saying the scandal will not disqualify the governor for running for president in 2016. christie fired his deputy chief of staff and cut ties with his former campaign manager over the closures. that brings us to our look who is talking. it is jeanine pirro. she rips into the obama administration for launching an investigation into governor chris christie while nothing has been resolved on benghazi and various other scandals plaguing the white house. >> within 24-hours of chris
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christie's statement the obama administration known for its love six the united states attorney of new jersey chris christie by starting a federal criminal probe. really? benghazi four dead, nothing. the irs violating the constitutional rights of americans, irs employees taking the 5th. nothing. mr. president, you are kidding, right? there's a saying that justice is blind but it must be swift and certain. you who promised to give us the most transparent administration in history and a level playing field, yet you are appoint tee investigates a traffic jam as a federal criminal probe in less than 24-hours? >> new jersey legislative panel is already investigating the george washington bridge lane
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closures. he could be impeached if it is determined he used it for political purposes an accusation he denied. memorial of ariel sharon ending moments ago. world leaders gathering to pay their respects including joe biden. he will be buried on his family's ranch in southern israel today. sharon died on saturday at the age of 85 after 8 years in a coma. we will have a life report from israel and at 7:00 a.m. you can watch to watch a live stream of the funeral service. >> the conference champions are all set now. 49ers taking on the panthers in the 4th niners up. takes it in himself for the score to go up 22-0. san francisco wins 23-10.
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sorry. >> i don't want to talk about it. >> a windy denver where payton manning and the broncos the chargers. goes up 14-0. the chargers made a late push but it wasn't enough to win. broncos win 24-17. 49ers and the seahawks next week and the broncos and the patriots. >> strong winds and some snow expected across the north central u.s. today. what can you expect when you walk out side the house this morning. >> time for an update with ma r maria molina. >> over the weekend we had strong storms push over many of the areas. guess what? another round of strong storms expected as we head into today and even tomorrow across portions of the south. you will have this area of low pressure developing producing
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heavy rain across louisiana and mississippi. it is going to expand and go north and east. as we head into tomorrow all along the east coast. maine all of the way down to florida you will see another round of rain thaw and storms along this frontal boundary. something we will keep an eye on. more rain expected through main and parts of florida. temperatures are so mild we are not anticipating much in terms of snowfall across the northeast from this batch of moisture. another area of low pressure will be a quick moving clipper system. 16 miles an hour out here. we have high wind warnings in te effect through maine and wyoming along with portions of the northern plains. there is snow expected with this system but not a lot of moisture. we don't really expect significant snowfall accumulation into north central into the portions of the mid committees by tomorrow.
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high temperatures not bad. 70 for the high in san antonio. look at the parts of colorado in the city of denver high temperature 50 degrees very mild and very mild as well across california. the high temperature 80 degrees so warm this winter and it continues. enjo i go it out there. thank you, maria. >> thank you. >> retail security breech that happened over the holidays it's much more serious than first thought. lauren sim neonetti joins us no. >> recent retailer data breeches extending far beyond target. neiman marcus had the data base of customer information hacked around the same time as target. the size of the outreach is not known. routers is reporting the scope is bigger with three more well-known retailers experiencing smaller breeches over the holidays. security experts have seen it
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flood the market. you can start using the free tax preparation software called free files this friday two weeks before the agency actually starts processing 2013 tax returns. that date was pushed back to january 1st because of the government shut down last year. the early opening of free file is good news for millions of eligible taxpayers those making 58,000 a year or less who want to see their potential tax refund as well. coffee makers may be opening up to a new roast. dunkin' doughnuts plans to open 400 new stores this year and about a 5th of them will be in new markets including california, colorado and texas. dunkin' doughnuts popular in the east but it is slow to extend across the nation. >> thank you so much. the time now is 13 after the top of the hour.
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>> police are looking for men who caused tens of thousands of dollars of damage at a high school. the burglars broke in setting fires and destroying 450,000 dollars of high end equipment in the school's computer room before damaging the band room. >> we are working to get a new oh straw raising funds for the band and hearing this is very upsetting. >> i don't understand why people can do something like that. >> surveillance shows three males in their 20's with the
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school. the school is opclosed as the investigation continues. >> how far would you go to make sure you get into one of the best schools in the district? we will show you how some parents will do what it takes to get their kids enrolled. >> 5-year-old idene is ready for kindergarten. his father wants him to go to the best school in the chandler area. that's why he has been camping out in front of the independence camp since friday. >> it is an all traditional they have uniform, (indiscernible). that's what i like about the school. also the staff and the principal. principal is really strong. >> he's first in line and more than 50 families joined him
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bringing tents, food entertainment and one brought an rv. >> we have a queen sized bed and heating blanket. could not live without that. it was freezing last night. >> they have been sleeping in this tent since friday. >> i have been researching schools. this is the best one. >> the school gets a ten- the highest rating on great open enrollment are limited and given on a first come first serve basis. this line. these dedicated parents hope their kids will become go getters like them in the future and they know achieving that goal begins with a great school. >> i would stand out here for two weeks if it helps my children. >> it is 19 minutes after the hour. deshawn jackson taking his search for the person who burglarized his home one step further. what he is offering in exchange for the information. >> the big apple might not
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include the horse carriage ride.
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>> a chaotic scene at a restaurant. an suv slams through the wall injuring four people. the car drove through the front of the restaurant destroying the interior. of the people taken to the hospital two in serious condition and one in critical condition. philadelphia eagles wide receiver deshawn jackson offering a 50,000 dollar reward for information after someone robbed his home. police say someone took 250,000 dollars in cash, 125,000 dollars worth of jewelry and a hand gun from the nfl star's home.
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there is no sign of forced entry. >> new york city's new mayor isn't horsing around. bill de blblasio wants to stop carriage rides outside of the city. what's behind the possible ban? >> the horse drawn carriage rides has been a tradition no new york city since the 1850's. hundreds of employees have jobs because of these horses. thousands of people who visit the city every year enjoy the rides through central park. but if it is up to the mayor real estate developers and animal activists this operation will be shut down. why after more than 150 years would this tourist traditioni b going away? new york city has a new mayor and his mind seems pretty made up. >> let's get it right. we are going to get rid of the horse carriages, period. they are not humane, they are not appropriate to the year 2014. it's over. >> the mayor sides with new york
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class a group that says it is animal cruelty and has been lobbying for a ban since 2008. >> we feel it is cruel to be forcing an animal to work in mid town it would be one thing if yd horses working out in the country side. >> these horses are some of the most regulated well cared for horses on planet. we have more license inspections than daycare. they have mandatory occasion they go to the farm at least five weeks out of the year. >> they have jobs they have den it will care nice comfortable homes to live in and they earn their keep just like me, just like you. >> the carriage drivers say new york class was co founded by real estate developers who really have their eyes on the stables and the potential high-rises that could replace them. >> it is not really about the horses. it is about the real estate and the fact that we have four stables on the west side which are in prime locations and they want to get their hands on. >> new york class contributed
2:26 am
heavily to get deblasio elected ma yoir and his chief component who supported carriages. >> we know how he got into office and people who provide the money for his campaign. >> this would be disastrous for all of us including the horses. a lot of people that i work with for many of them this is the only job they have ever had. a lot of people don't know what they would do. >> if you put us out of business you have to come up with a pretty good reason. if you say the industry is inhumane and these horses are being abused, prove it. >> the mayor proposed electric replica vintage cars instead of the horses but that idea has had mixed reception. >> the time now 26 after the top of the hour. coming up scary moments as a jet packed with passengers skids off an icy runway. what we are learning about the moment just before it happened. >> does hillary clinton have a secret strategy to win the white house? how insiders say she is gearing
2:27 am
up for a 2016 run.
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>> it is monday january 13th. a southwest airlines stunner. a plane lands at the wrong airport and nearly careens off of a cliff. how in the world does this happen? >> call it a smug fest embattled baseball scar alex rodriguez fighting back against an mlb
2:31 am
suspensi suspension. >> a restaurant chain getting blasted for asking a disabled child to take off her sneakers. how the franchise is responding today after the fallout. fox and friends first starts right now. >> good morning. it is monday january 13th. welcome to "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am ainsley aiearhardt. >> they are gathering to pay respects of ariel sharon. >> connor powell life at sharon's ranch in southern israel with what is planned today. connor? >> well, good morning guys.
2:32 am
in southern israel where ariel sharon's ranch is, we are only about five miles from the border of gaza. there was no damage nobody was injured it is not even clear if the rockets landed inside israel. security precautions are at a heightened level across the country. a few minutes ago a memorial service for former prime minister ariel sharon. he is being honored biden leading the delegation there. benning netanyahu called him a great leader and a rare man. sharon was a controversial person here. he leaves a missed legacy. his decision to unilaterally disengage from gaza in 2005 is really a controversial subject
2:33 am
here. threatened israel to this day now in about two hours or so the vip delegation will move down here to his family farm. there will be a burial a very small group of people. maybe only about 100 or so people will be at the burial. he will be buried next to his second wife and long time family farm here in the southern part of israel. back to you. thank you very much. and then of course coming up at 7:00 a.m. log on to to watch a live streaming of the funeral service. >> now to a fox news alert. scary moments for 124 passengers when the plane lands at the wrong airport and almost careens off the cliff. it was supposed to stop in branson missouri but touched down from an airport 7 miles away with a runway half of the size. the poo i lot h -- pilot hit th bre brakes so hard he could smell burnt rubber.
2:34 am
it was a wow moment when we saw how close we were to the edge of a cliff. it is unclear if the pilot or dispatcher directed the flight to the wrong airport. this isn't the first time something like this happened. a boeing dreamliner landed at the wrong airport in kansas a much smaller airport. the runway was too short. >> the plane slides off an icy runway from maine. the flight from new york city to bangor, international skidded on the ground while trying to turn toward the terminal on saturday. there were 50 people on board no one was hurt. rescue vehicles had a hard time reaching the plane because of the icy runways. after an hour it was finally towed back to the terminal. >> so much for a smooth get away. cops in california busting three men for grand theft of diesel fuel. they spotted the van. it was parked over an under ground fuel storage tank at a
2:35 am
gas station and it became suspicious. then deputies saw a hand come out of the center floor board of the van pull out a hose and cover the lid. they busted them saw 275 gallons of stolen fuel in the van. a colorado driver facing charges for driving while high and hitting a state patrol car. the 23-year-old man smashed into their car. luckily no troopers have been hurt. it is the 5th time in less than a month a colorado state patrol car has been hit. >> the only explanation is stupidity at this point. we cannot have stupid drivers crashing into our patrol cars. >> troopers say they respect the state's new marijuana laws but it does not give any one the right to drive stoned. >> former defense secretary robert gates speaking publically for the first time about the claims made in the memoir. he criticized president obama saying he lacked passion and
2:36 am
conviction over the war strategy. peter doocy is live in washington. what did gates have to say? >> we have been reading his thoughts the last couple days but we saw him this weekend. he defended his decision to come out with criticism of president obama while he is still in the white house. >> tell the truth that y-- it's p one thing to tell the truth that you support them it's another to work it making them believe that you believe as president that their sacrifice is worth it. that the cause is just that what they are doing is important in the country. president bush did that with the troops when i was security. i did not see president obama do that. >> they achieved foreign policy
2:37 am
goals if gates kept quiet. that doesn't diminish the theme that gates plays out in the eyes of president obama's biggest critic. >> i think the business confirms the worst fears this is an administration that lax a strategic foreign policy and largely driven by policies and tactics. >> gates said this week end he woeshged for 8 presidents through out the course of his career and based on that experience and perspective he thought right now was the right time to tell the world how he really feels. >> the book comes out tomorrow. peter doocy live from washington. thanks, peter. does hillary clinton have her own political hit list. clinton carries a favor file of saints and sinners. only one early draft it was made after the 2008 election listed each democratic member of congress assigning them a number a numerical grade from 1-7 with
2:38 am
the most helpful earning 1 and treacherous drawing 7. who were among the most hated? stormer senator and current secretary of state john kerry. jay rockefeller of west virginia. senator bob casey of pennsylvania and vermont senator patrick lehey. the book says even a 7 was not enough for missouri senator claire mccastle the first female senator to endorse president obama. >> frustration mounts as 307,000 wait for the ban on the water to be lifted. they haven't been able to drink their water or bathe in it since thursday since the spill occurred. the state's governor saying the water quality is getting a little better. meanwhile the environmental activist erin brockovich is headed to west virginia demanding answers for the spill lacking strict regulations are now being blamed. newly released documents say
2:39 am
state authorities knew they were responsible for storing the chemical on the river which was close to the water stream plant. if you would like to help the people affected you can go to go fund or you can search water for west virginia. >> they were doing the hustle all night long at the golden globes. >> and the golden globe goes to... american hustle. >> "american hustle" led the award show with three awards including best film comedy. it stars amy adams and jennifer lawrence who also won for their roles in the film. >> i did watch all of the movies. i can say that to win is such an honor to be nominated with you. i don't know why i am tear fied. i don't know why i am scared. don't ever do this again. it's scary. okay thanks. >> tina fey and amy polar shined
2:40 am
in their second straight year as hosts. >> "gravity" is mno am nated fo best film. story of how george clooney would rather float away in space and die than spend one more minute with a woman his own age. >> and in television breaking bad finally made good. the show which ended from last fall won the first golden globe star bryan cranston also won best actor. >> great show. we miss it, don't we? loan survivor is alone at the top of the box office. the navy seal drama starring mark wahlberg smashed expectations earning 335 million doll -- $38.5 million. "frozen" in second with 15
2:41 am
million and number three took in 9 million. >> l i saw lone survivor. everyone should go. >> strong winds and snow expected across the midwest today. what can you expect? >> first weather degree up tate with maria molina. >> if you live along the gulf coast states you have areas of rainfall today. it comes after saturday when we receive 200 reports of severe weather out here across portions of the southeast. take a look at the radar. you can see the storm system moving eastward. it ee long gates and spreads eastward. all along the east coast that's what we are expecting over the next 24-hours. a clipper system will be enhancing the wind out here in montana and wyoming. gusts of 60 miles an hour will be there watch as parts of
2:42 am
dakotas as the system moves eastward. the system is rather moisture starved. otherwise high temperatures very mild in some areas like highs in the 50's today, 64 for the high in dallas. parts of the west in phoenix into the 70's coming up this afternoon. on the east not too bad. new york city expecting high temperature of 53. >> we l take it. >> 42 after the top of the hour. their tag line equinox made me do it. why customers are forced to stay with the pricey gem and how they are fighting back. >> a restaurant chain taking heat for asking a disabled child to take off their sneakers.
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>> it looks like the troubled obamacare web site has problems no matter what language it is in. people trying to access the spanish version of they are having issues like draum mat cal mistakes and wrong translations. it launched two months late in an attempt to get spanish speakers enrolled. they are working to fix the problems. >> banner raw bread apologizing after one of the employees at one of the georgia locations asked a little girl with developmental disorders to remove what they called squeaky shoes. 2-year-old emma just learned how to walk thanks to the help of those orthopedic shoes.
2:47 am
>> commitment when looking at one well-known gym. cancelling your membership may be impossible. diane joins us with an explanation. >> equinox holding a class action lawsuit alleging the company's membership and classes violate the emergency state law. equinox membership agreement forces customers to sign up for automatic and indefinite monthly membership renewals. if they want to cancel customers are required to provide written notice 45 days in advance and only after being a member for at least a year. the complaint adds that the membership agreement doesn't clearly state customer's total payment obligations nor does it say whether the club has a mechanism in place to protect the customers in the attempt it closes. equinox's violation of new jersey's consumer product health club services act retail and
2:48 am
sales act and truth age consumer contract warrantee and notice act. equinox tells abc news quote we can't comment on pending litigation we apply with all applicable laws. we have highest quality of service in all aspects of the business and provide unparalleled member experience. still this comes after three months after la fitness settled for 8.3 million in a very similar suit. plaintiffs in the equinox case are inviting in i one who joined since january 3rd, 2008, to join the suit. >> may make it stick to the resolutions. thank you. >> thank you. it is 48 minutes after the top of the hour. call it a slug fest embattled baseball star fighting back against mlb suspension. how he plans to get back tonight baseball field. >> now let's check into steve doocy to see what's coming up on "fox & friends."
2:49 am
>> happy monday to you. donald trump joins us. he weighs in on the robert gates controversy. it's the number one movie in america loan survivor the father of one of the navy seals killed in the operation joins us live to talk about his son and the new movie number one in the country. >> neighbors so horrible she took the court to case. not against them, she is suing the person who sold her the house. they should have warned her. that homeowner is live. live from the auto show. all that and so much more "fox & friends" kicks off 11 minutes from right now on your channel for news.
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it is now eight minutes till the top of the hour. yankees third baseman alex rodriguez taking his season long suspension over per tpofrpbs enhancing drugs to federal court. his ban was reduced on saturday by an arbitrator from 211 games to 162 plus all playoff games next season. experts say the odds are against a-rod getting a reversal. that brings us to our look who's talking. this morning it is anthony bosh talking to 60 minutes saying he injected the yankee slugger, admitting a-rod would take testosterone hroz -- lozenges before the game. >> a player could take it right before game time and by the time they get back into the locker room after
2:54 am
the game and there was any possibility of testing, they would test negative. they would test clean. they're so small that you could literally, while sitting in the dugout take it, put it in your mouth and people could think it is either sunflower seeds or a piece of candy or a piece of gum for that matter. >> switching gears to toronto's crack smoking mayor, rob ford showed up at a club called music saturday night. people lined up to get pictures with him to post on twitter or instagram. his 41-year-old brother said the visit was part of the mayor's reelection campaign. ford says he's been sober and healthy after admitting to smoking crack cocaine last year which caused toronto's city council to take away many of his
2:55 am
mayoral powers. >> that cup of coffee you're drinking this morning doing more than perking you up. the new health benefit that might push you to have a second cup. >> the seattle seahawks announcing certain fans will not be allowed to buy tickets to sunday's championship game.
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welcome back. alabama state university raising some eyebrows with a contract caveat. the new president must live in the president's residence alone as long as she is a single woman. the contract reportedly saying -- quote -- "for so long as dr. boyd is president and a single person she shall not be allowed to cohabitate in the president's residence with any person with whom she has a romantic relations. a university spokesman says boyd agreed to the deal and has no problem with it. >> two minutes before the top of the hour. before you leave the house
2:59 am
here's what's happening. ariel sharon being laid to rest today. early this morning a 6.4 magnitude earthquake rattling the coast of puerto rico. it was centered about 60 miles from the capital of san juan. subpoenas expected as early as today over a traffic jam scandal involving top aides of new jersey governor chris christie. disciple -- >> time to look at the good, the bad, and the ugly. up first the good. your morning cup of coffee not only perking you up but also boosting your brain. a new study reveals the caffeine improves your memory. and the bad. police in orlando searching for a man who robbed a convenience store wearing a devil mask. and the ugly. the seattle seahawks announcing fans from california will not be allowed to buy tickets to sunday's championship game against the 49ers. only credit cards with addresses from oregon,
3:00 am
washington, montana, idaho and hawaii are allowed to buy tickets. >> seahawks don't want the 49ers in their stadium. >> i don't know how that is legal. >> doesn't seem fair. >> right. thank you for joining us. >> happy monday, guys. "fox & friends" starts right now. bye. good morning. it's monday, january 13. i'm elisabeth hasselbeck. we start with a fox news alert. another plane lands at the wrong airport and this time with passengers on board. how in the world does this keep happening? >> a shocking indictment about how president obama views the american military. >> there was this absence of passion, this absence of a conviction of the importance of success that disturbed me. >> and it's one of the reasons why he wrote the book. more from the former secretary of defense, that guy right there, robert gates. >> he's defending his book which we're


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